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Get ready for GTA 5's Next Weekly Event, Enjoy More Discounts and Bonuses

2016-05-20 19:38:51

Prepare yourself to enjoy more discounts and bonuses through GTA 5's next weekly event, begins on 20th May, and this time it's centered around the Capture missions in GTA Online. Capture Week offers players double GTA$ and RP when playing any Capture job from 20th May over Sunday, May 22. That comprises jobs created by, Rockstar and players, as well as a special playlist that you can access right from the loading screen.

As regards the bonuses, from Monday, May 23, through Thursday, May 26, Captures will continue to offer bonuses, but only in the form of double RP. A playlist will be available on these days offering an altered selection of Capture missions from the previous one. You can see the schedule below:

Double GTA$ & RP Playlist - 16 players

  • Friday, May 20 through to Sunday, May 22
  • (GTA: All Abhorred, Contend: Townhall Trinity, Raid: Wargames)

Double RP Playlist - 8 players

  • Monday, May 23 through to Thursday, May 26
  • (Contend: Condo-monium, GTA: Grab a Cab, Hold: Freight Fight)

So, whether or not Capture is your thing, there are other motives to log in to GTA Online during the next week. By just hopping online, you'll receive a high-class t-shirt bearing the name of the movie Meltdown, which plays a role in Michael's storyline in the single-player mode. Moreover, there are the usual arrays of discounts for a GTA Online event. You would be able to get 50 percent off the following: the Gold Luxor; both Karumas (including the armored one); engine upgrades, turbo mods, and brakes; heist clothing; and explosives, for the coming week. So, be ready to enjoy the event.

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