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GTA 5 Online Double XP, enjoy Big Discounts until End of this March

2016-03-25 18:16:45

At the start of this weekend, Rockstar Games has announced a big sale for multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online and detailed how you can earn double RP. Runs now through March 31, the new event is called Ill-Gotten Gains Week. As the name recommends, it's themed around content from the formerly released Ill-Gotten Gains updates. Go down for further details.

So, to enjoy the deal, first of all, log into GTA Online any day through March 31 and you will get a new t-shirt with the logo for the fictional film The Shoulder Of Orion II. Furthermore, you can earn double RP by contributing in some race playlists of GTA Online. These will be available directly through the GTA V launch screen every day this coming week; the schedule is given below:

  • Friday March 25 - Sunday March 27 - Street Races
  • Monday March 28 & Tuesday March 29 - Air Races
  • Wednesday March 30 & Thursday March 31 - Sea Races

Furthermore, Rockstar is offering 25 percent of some of the cars introduced to GTA Online with the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update. Discounted Legendary Motorsport cars include: Coil Brawler, Progen T20, Invetero Coquette BlackFin and the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle. Moreover, mods for vehicles are offered for 25 percent off from Los Santos Customs. Lampadati Toro speedboat can also be gotten at 25 percent off from the DockTease dealer.

One of the amazing and on top, there is up to 50 % off all clothing and tattoos from both parts of the Ill-Gotten Gains updates from Rockstar. The weapon shop Ammu-Nation is also offering items like the Knuckle Duster, The Pimp, and The Rock melee weapons for 50 % discount. So, be ready to enjoy this amazing discount. For more news and updates, keep visiting our site.


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