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Microsoft seeing Xbox One trade-in option for upcoming Project Scorpio

2016-07-13 19:59:38

Recently, Microsoft revealed a new smaller version of the Xbox One, Xbox One S as well as the Microsoft Project Scorpio, a more powerful console by the company. With both consoles officially revealed to be more powerful than the Xbox One, some early Xbox One adopters are a bit displeased. Both, Xbox One S and the Microsoft Project Scorpio are only releasing a year apart and some of those having Xbox aren't ready to make the transition from the original Console.

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Dave McCarthy, general manager at Xbox Services, said to the Daily Star that, "We want to make that transition as smooth as possible. The compatibility thing is a big deal, because you feeling you have to give up your games isn’t a good feeling, so we take that angst out of the equation."

Eliminating the issue of Xbox One games being available on Project Scorpio is one thing, but it doesn't answer the biggest issue: already owning an Xbox console. Gamers are feeling slighted by the companies, in the past new iterations of a console didn't offer a huge bump in power - just a dissimilar expression.

Microsoft might make use of their retail partners to make the transition from Xbox One to Project Scorpio easier for fans. "We’ll try partnerships with our retail partners to smooth it even more with trade-in programs and things like that."

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