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Street Fighter 5 Update for June bringing Much More

2016-06-24 18:05:26

Are you a street fighter lover and waiting for game’s next update? It's true, then get ready! A big update is coming to Street Fighter V next week. Capcom also reveals new information about its latest update, and the up-to-date information regards improvements to matchmaking, which Capcom says will be faster and more likely to get you into a good match. According to a Capcom blog post, there are four aspects of what's changing with matchmaking.

Due to League Points weren't appropriately synchronizing; the game could take longer to find you a match than it should. According to the Capcom, this has been sorted out, so you'll spend less time waiting for a match once the update rolls out. Quality-wise, issues involving matchmaking preferences have been resolved. That means matchmaking should do a better of job of connecting you with a player of similar skill. Furthermore, the connection range has been adjusted and should "more accurately reflect the quality of incoming matches."

Updates and latest improvements can be taken as a part of Company to improve and fix the Street Fighter 5 game. But while Capcom is conscious the latest title is in need of improvement and enhancement, don't expect future updates to be delivered at a rapid pace; the company has made it clear that they are focusing on game quality not the speed. So, wait for the update and see its major roles and aspects. For more news and updates, keep visiting the Game Cottage – the largest portal for video games news and cheat codes.


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